• $50.00

  • IMMERSIVE MYSTERY: Step into the supernatural world of Mysterium, a cooperative board game where players unravel a haunting mystery with ghostly clues and paranormal investigation.
  • GHOSTLY INTRIGUE: Assume the role of psychics and work together to interpret cryptic clues from a ghostly apparition to solve the perplexing crime in this immersive deduction and storytelling game.
  • BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK: Delight in the stunning, evocative illustrations that immerse you in the eerie atmosphere of the game, featuring mesmerizing supernatural scenes and ghostly visions.
  • VARYING DIFFICULTY: Enjoy adjustable difficulty levels, ensuring a challenging experience for both novice and experienced investigators, with multiple game modes and customizable gameplay.
  • REPLAYABLE EXPERIENCE: With countless combinations of suspects, locations, weapons, and spectral visions, every game offers a unique and engaging mystery to solve, providing endless hours of thrilling gameplay.